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What's Your Style of Jewelry?

Posted by Mary McCulloch on

There are so many styles of jewelry. Some people are dedicated to their style and some people have a collection of different styles. Either way, you look and feel better wearing some jewelry every day. Here are a couple styles explained below.


Nautical style jewelry includes whites and blues, pearls, shells, sea glass, and anything to do with the beach or ocean. This type of jewelry can dress up a casual outfit, or worn to work, or it’s a great accessory for your night out. It is very versatile and best of all, reminds you of that vacation at the beach!


Bohemian style, or Boho for short, is earthy colors and layers with a flowing style. It tends to be a more natural look with stones and leather, to name a few materials. The best thing about Boho style is you don’t have to match. The layers should go well together and will give you a chic and trendy appearance.


Vintage style is anything that is 20 years or older. It can have a worn look, but still look stylish. The possibilities are endless, as far as colors and materials. The best places to find these materials are at your local yard sales or auctions. You can really create some distinctive pieces with vintage jewelry.

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