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Social Media and How to Use it to Your Advantage for your Business

Posted by Mary McCulloch on

Trying to stay connected to people through social media is one of the best forms of "word of mouth" advertising there is.  And did I mention it's free?  There are so many platforms out there to choose from, but I'm going to talk about the largest and most popular ones.  

The best social media platform out there is Facebook.  You already have your "friends" together in one place. So when you post something about your business, whether it's text, an image or a video, everyone gets to see it in your circle.  And possibly all of your friends' friends see it by sharing.  There's your free advertising.  You can set up a separate business page that is linked to your personal page and use that as well.  Go one step further, and promote your posts, or website for a nominal charge.

Instagram is another great social media platform.  You can post your photos, say a little something about them, add your hashtags and voila!  People are liking your pictures and starting to follow you.  People start sharing what they see and you have your "word of mouth" advertising.  Free.  It's where you can build your brand.

Twitter is fantastic as well.  It is more of a real time strategy, where your tweets capture your audience at that moment.  You can link and distribute content.  And you can still have followers and people who like your tweets.

Pinterest is one of those forums where you search for ideas.  As a small business owner, you should have a presence on Pinterest.  Same concept as above, where people follow you and like your photos.  I love searching on Pinterest for images or recipes or anything my heart desires!

The most important thing to remember, if you are using social media for your business, is to keep it current, which means post, post, post.  You should post new content once every day or two, if possible.  Some businesses post several times a day.  If I had someone doing my posting, I could do that too!  But I also think it gets annoying if I see too many posts.  There are apps out there, like Hootsuite,  that will manage and schedule your posts for the week, but you still have to create them.

You will see results if you can use one or more of the above social media strategies for your business.  



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