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Cape Cod Nautical Canvas Tote Bags & Clutches

Posted by Mary McCulloch on

I have decided to try my hand at stenciling canvas bags.  I used stencils years ago, but for my walls in my house!  Working on canvas fabric is pretty much the same.  There are some really delightful stencils you can use for all kinds of projects.  

Using stencils is easy.  Depending upon which stencil it is, you just need to secure it onto your fabric, dab some paint on your stencil brush and paint the stencil in a circular motion, for the best results.  You need to wipe most of the paint off of the brush first.  You can create shading by stenciling over sections two or three times for a darker shade.  Use a white paint to create more shading by painting over the area you want to be lighter.  Some stencils have several layers for different variations of color.  You just need to paint each stencil separately, and place each one on top of the other, lining them up accordingly.

Check out my new collection of canvas bags with hand painted stencils.  Sizes vary and canvas weight varies as well.


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